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Condense your regular communication costs.

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Eradicate service problems

Hosted phone systems will eradicate service problems and frustration of being flung around between PBX vendor, carrier, ISP, and Network Integrator. Condense your regular communication costs with unrestricted, free in-network calling and unlimited usage while removing the capital necessary to obtain new paraphernalia.
  • Productivity.
  • Control & Stability.
  • Scalability.


Integrate communications and your Desktop while offering cutting-edge services to users on the road and at home.

Control and stability

Enjoy the same level of control you would receive with a traditional solutions. With a built-in disaster recovery/business continuity features – the off-premise environment of a hosted IP phone system means that your business retains it’s availability regardless of what ensues at your physical location. With multiple failover choices, with the choice to fail over to public IP, your business remains up and running under any circumstances.


Add users and services as your company grows and evolves, relocates or changes.

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