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Invistech’s managed services allow businesses of all sizes to get a superior level of IT experience without the cost

It saves having to absorb the cost of full time IT employees. Under Invistech’s Managed Service Model we tailor services to fit the customer needs. We offer lots of solutions under our managed service portfolio, Hardware Support, Software Support, Helpdesk Facilities, Remote Monitoring, Patch Management, Anti Virus Management, On Line Back Up, Imaging and Deployment and a lot more.

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A common problem

Most SME business have the same common problem. They all need IT staff and resources but cannot afford the cost to hire them and cannot justify having them fulltime. In order to compete on a level playing field, SME’s need technology as well as experts to implement and manage it.

The solution

Invistech Managed Service alleviates this pain by letting dedicated staff build and support your business computing environment. We can manage your environment by monitoring and proactively responding to issues and supplying dedicated personnel to your business.

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