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Fully managed, fully monitored, fully reassuring.

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Less work, better protection

When data loss happens – and it will – bring peace-of-mind to your high-volume data-storage needs with the simplest, most secure and affordable enterprise backup solution available.

  • Automated, scalable backup.

  • Centralized online backups to multiple data centres.

  • Comprehensive installation and configuration.

  • Highest level of encryption available.

Less work, better protection.

Install Invistech installs backup-software onto your computer or server through our online portal. Back up At scheduled intervals your business data are then automatically compressed, encrypted, and securely transmitted via the Internet to a Invistech offsite data center for safekeeping. Protect Data are also mirrored to a secondary Invistech data center to provide a protective layer of redundancy; in the event of data loss or corruption your previous backup then becomes instantly

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