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ShoreTel is a telephony communications solution for both small and large companies, national or global, delivered as a cloud service or internal private network, operating lease (Opex) or an investment (Capex).

A consistent interface no matter where you are; on a phone, at an event, sending messages, chatting, video conferencing or sharing documents and/or screen.

  • Be independent.

  • Quality meets value.

  • Freedom of choice.

  • Real benefits for business.

Be independent

Why lock yourself to an operator? With ShoreTel, you are completely independent both in fixed, mobile and Internet. Use what meets your requirements the best no matter where you are.

Quality meets value

No Other Telecoms Solution offers better combination of Quality, Price and Value for your money. We take responsibility for all the maintenance requirements of your business so that you can focus on your core business.

Freedom of choice

Individual needs for individuals. In our world it is rare that all employees have the same needs and requirements. ShoreTel AnyPhone concept involves simply selecting the telephones you need, without compromising on the necessary functions.

Real benefits for business

Whilst on Contract customers are guaranteed that the service will always be updated with the latest software, both in programs and phones. ShoreTel delivers thoughtful features with automatic integration with Microsoft Outlook and other work-related programs to simplify everyday communications.

All of our telecom services

We provide a wide range of telecom services for your business.

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