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An extraordinary level of know-how and experience

Invistech brings an extraordinary level of know-how and experience to each wireless network design project, allowing us to offer our clients malleable, fast and hands-on solutions to the hardest challenges

Our customers continue to work with us for their wireless networking solutions because we provide a list of options customized to meet each customer’s logistic and financial needs. In SME or large enterprise wireless infrastructure design, we provide cost savings for various businesses working with us by value engineering their projects.

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Wireless network needs

Whatever your wireless network design needs, Invistech provides best-in-class installation services for wireless devices and supporting infrastructure. We develop and implement solutions that promise to exceed your prospects, from foundation to completion and beyond.

Hybrid cloud solutions

Invistech can determine if wireless networking solutions are a viable choice for the planned location and installation requirements by first conducting an on-site installation survey. To ensure the locale will have total coverage, we implement a thorough site examination to determine the accurate number of access points.

Too few access points is a common cause of poor structure performance, and too many is not cost-effective for the client. We then hold a wide-ranging requirements analysis with the client to ensure all design and performance conditions are understood in advance of wireless network setup.

Onsite survey

An on-site survey carried out by Invistech can also provide troubleshooting for glitches with existing enterprise wireless networks. Shared problems include a lack of communication amongst mobile units and access points, or areas where the wireless signals fail to work. By conducting our on-site review, Invistech can identify these factors and commend enhancements in wireless network performance.

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